About the company

The company Rytech kovo s.r.o. (Ltd) was founded on 5th december 2003. It deals with metalworking using CNC machinery with spindle capacity up to 50 mm for flanged material up to 230 mm and CNC milled parts up to 400 mm.

It was based on the tradition of the preceding company Perimont ltd. which had been manufacturing horn loudspeakers and dealing with mass production using automatic cam machines since 1993.

For the purpose of specialization the company Rytech kovo Ltd came into existence in 2003, focusing solely on metalworking using new technologies i.e. CNC machines. The company has been ISO 9001 certified. Throughout its existence the company won great reputation amongst its customers, mainly due to high quality, delivery dates and continuous operation.

Our company specializes in both smaller and bigger lots of products from 100 to 1 000 000 Pcs. per year.

Some of the main industrial branches our company supplies are sanitary engineering, car and aircraft industry and radio communications. Since 2005, as an answer to the requirements of our customers, the production capacity has been increased by a CNC milling machine. In 2009 two more CNC milling machines were added to provide quick and precise metalworking. In agreement with greater requirements a new 3D measuring machine has been installed to provide faster and better control of our products. Furthermore, we provide almost all types of surface finishing.

For more specific information about our machine equipment please visit our machine equipment section.